What to Expect From JDA Lammin

JDA Lammin Architects is a specialised Bayside architectural design studio that works hand in hand with you to craft buildings that are a perfect fit for your location, your needs, and your budget.

Our Purpose:

Whether you are building a house, developing residential, commercial or industrial property, or renovating an existing home, we work closely with you to:

  • Find the right way to convert your property vision into your reality
  • Craft outstanding planning-approved designs that will return real and fundamental value to you.

Our Promise:

JDA Lammin Architects will muster its creativity, deep local knowledge and team of specialised partners to resolve your design and planning issues with the greatest care and efficiency so that you can build, live, and work in a way that truly enriches your life.

FGB Staircase
FGB Staircase

Our Principal:

Harriet Lammin

Why I do what I do…

Hi, I’m Harriet Lammin. I am passionate about buildings and have always loved engaging with the world of materials, space and light.

I like using my knowledge and creativity to give my clients freedom to express their ideas without dictating what they should like. Ive been an architect for 25 years and I know you can always get a great result if you think clearly about design.

Most people think budget is their biggest limiting factor, but usually its not. Using a fraction of the budget to create and plan a design that fits your exact specifications, is really the only way to get enduring quality on budget.

What I like to do is work with smart people to figure out perfect-fit designs. It is so satisfying to pull all those strands together and deliver real value every time.

How I do it …

I take my responsibilities very seriously and feel personally invested in each project. I know what it takes to get it right which is why I see myself as a partner for my clients and part of their team.

I work with my in-house team to do the building design, drafting and documentation, and gather and manage other specialists according to the specific needs of each project.

That is why Ive built such a strong network of stakeholders: structural engineers, traffic engineers, town planners, interior and landscape designers, and other consultants. Every project presents a unique set of requirements and its part of my job to call on people who have proven their ability to give sound advice and for-see issues that might arise.

Our Track Record:

Over the last 35 years JDA Architects has designed hundreds of residential and commercial buildings, and successfully channelled them through local councils to achieve permits and approvals.
In recent years we have completed more than 50 projects with a current market value well over $100,000,000.

We are highly successful in achieving planning permits for our developer clients, and have a legacy of national and state design awards that celebrate our capacity for transformative design.

The Values We Live By

We understand your right to express your personality and style. We nurture your creativity through our creative design process.

We nurture your creativity.

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Together we discover what is possible and find a way to make it happen. We create certainty by working through complexity to overcome challenges and constraints.

We have creative resolve.

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We embed the expectation of tight cost control, and achieving the intended return on investment. We apply our deep experience and extensive local knowledge to intelligent design. We optimise margins, marketability and saleability even in changeable markets.

We embed commercial reality.

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We embrace our responsibility to be your partners and your team. Everything about our process is open and clear. We regularly check progress is aligned with your expectations and the intended outcome. We work hard on your behalf and resist easy options when they are not right for your project.

We are fully accountable.

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