How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect The Future Of Housing Design




Harriet Lammin

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally challenged many of the previously held assumptions about the way we live, having a lasting impact on new housing design.

At JDA Lammin, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new home design and value creating spaces that are functional, bespoke and of a high quality. 

Our architects are experts in the latest societal trends influencing home designs. In 2020, the major changes impacting the future of home design are the transition towards working from home spaces and relocation to more remote areas. 

Incorporating Working From Home Spaces 

Incorporating working from home spaces into home plans will maximise the liveability of your home and increase its long-term value in a post Covid-19 housing market. 

With a demand for dedicated working or studying from home spaces going forward, and an additional need for intergenerational living, there is more scope to re-think the traditional simple home plan

Where it has become less likely that people will return to the office full time, and more likely that a family of adults will live together for longer, the need for privacy and additional work spaces will become more of a necessity. 

Our highly professional team has influenced innovation in new home design for the last 35+ years to create the highest quality living spaces. As masters of bespoke, and state-of-the-art housing design, we pride ourselves in working alongside our clients from the initial consultation to the completion of your home. 

Working together to create a floor plan design that effectively separates working and living spaces, helps to ensure you get the work-life balance you need going forward in an ever-evolving world. 

Relocation To Regional Areas 

As a direct result of changes due to Covid-19, we are likely to see a societal shift towards buying homes outside Metropolitan areas so that people can benefit from access to larger spaces and outdoor areas. 

This home designs trend highlights the desire for closer access to nature, and that promotes the feeling of spaciousness and whilst still being mindful of privacy.

At JDA Lammin, our custom home designs are tailored to the individual. 

Whether you’re rethinking the structure of your current home, or looking to build a new home that’s tailored to suit your needs, the JDA Lammin team is here to help. Book a consultation, complete our simple contact form or call us on 0439991887.