Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Renovation




Harriet Lammin

If you want your home renovation to be a success you’ll need a well-defined strategy, genuine creativity and professional expertise.

Almost every outdated or rundown property can be improved, but some may have severe limitations that can make the difference between a successful outcome or a regretful expense. 

To ensure that your renovation goals are achieved and your investment produces your desired result, you will likely require an expert home remodelling architect by your side.

At JDA Lammin we create bespoke renovation solutions through our three core services:

  1. Discovery & Planning.
  2. Concept Design.
  3. Construction Drawings.

Bespoke Case Study 

Mat & Silvia from Bentleigh and their two children aged 10 and 12 came to us with the vision of transforming the house they had lived in for 20 years into their ‘dream home’.

First and foremost, the family loved the heritage character and large backyard that distinguished the house from the ‘square boxes’ down the street. In contrast, they wanted to change the cramped kitchen, lack of light and lack of storage.

It was vital that our design solution preserved the home’s original features and character, whilst our professional team offered expert guidance on the additional home improvements that they would benefit from. 

Strategy: Discovery & Planning Session

To work out a plan of action for our clients, we delved into Mat & Silvia’s home remodelling goals. These were to not alter the house dramatically but instead work with what was already there to improve liveability and modernise interior spaces.

During the planning session, our principal architect Harriet asked questions about how they lived to create a space that was functional and liveable. The initial planning phase uncovered the need for a large functioning kitchen and entertaining area, as well as the desire for a separate home office.

In this stage, we defined their ideal home renovation timeframes and their budget.

At the conclusion of this process, our house extension architects had a clear idea of the strategy that our team would take to help Mat & Silvia to realise their renovation goals.

Creativity: Concept Design Masterplan

At JDA Lammin Architects we believe that thinking outside the box and designing for adaptability is key to getting maximum impact from your renovation.

Our Concept Design Service allows us to propose a number of outline designs, exploring alternative ideas and spatial arrangements with our clients to uncover what works best for them.

Our renovation solutions produce layouts that maximise space, capture daylight and views, establish connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, and create a sense of natural flow between spaces and zones.

For our clients Mat & Silvia, we re-worked the floor plan to create 3 separate living ‘zones’ – adult working and sleeping zones at the front of the house; kids sleeping and bathing in the middle, and living/family activities to the rear overlooking the garden. Our home remodelling architect determined that grouping functions in this manner was the best way to achieve a cohesive floor plan and connectivity between the family’s activities.

Once we had put all their ideas onto paper, Mat & Silvia’s builder was able to prepare a cost guide that enabled the pair to have control over their budget early on. This gave Mat & Silvia the peace of mind to move on to the next phase of their project with a renovation that they knew they could afford.

Expertise: Construction Drawings

Creative solutions need to be balanced with an up-to-date knowledge of construction techniques, regulatory requirements and an understanding of the complexities of the building process.

By employing home renovation architects’ expertise, you ensure that your home remodel: 

  1. Complies with regulatory requirements;
  2. Details how everything will go together cohesively;
  3. Uses the best materials selected for the intended purpose;
  4. Is designed with high-quality construction methods in mind.


Whilst builders are the experts in their trades, they require detailed drawings of how each item will perform in relation to the whole and the exact placement of all the elements to produce the best results.

Our JDA LAMMIN design architects were appointed to prepare detailed drawings of every element of Mat & Silvia’s renovation, which meant that the important decisions were made before construction started and the work could proceed without delays. 

The time spent by our expert home renovation architects on preparing drawings and resolving design details at this stage meant that Mat & Silvia could avoid the often-costly and time-consuming exercise of re-doing things on site.


By using a combination of strategy, creativity and expertise and following our tried and tested processes – we were able to deliver a new family home that exceeded their expectations.

Their new home meets the needs of each family member, brings them satisfaction and joy and allows them to live their lives with ease.

Importantly, the home will also adapt well into the future as the children grow up and their lifestyles change.

Trust Your Local Home Renovation Architects

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