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Harriet Lammin

The intention of any custom home design is to create bespoke and liveable spaces that encapsulate your values, personality and lifestyle. To create a home – whether it is a new build or renovation – requires a significant investment of your resources, so you want to get it right.

The Project Planning Review is one of the most important stages in your building project and helps us to set you up for success. The more time that you spend on the initial planning, the more likely you are to ensure your project goes according to plan from the outset and that your home provides you with exactly what you need.

The chances are that you will have spent time thinking about your vision for your home, and the planning stage is where we start to test the feasibility of your ideas. The Project Planning Review takes into consideration the practical and financial aspects of your project, helping you to fill the gaps in your knowledge and answering some of the questions you have been waiting to ask.

At the end of this stage, you will have a clear set of directions for setting out on the path to planning your new home and will ensure you have considered the risks and understand the best options for your site and budget.

The Project Planning Review will leave you with a clear picture comprising of:

  1. Project Roadmap – identifying the sequential stages on the journey
  2. Your Ideal Home ‘Wish-List’ – what you would like to have and what you are tryingto achieve, to help you prepare
  3. Site Analysis – existing site constraints and opportunities of your property
  4. Permits and Approvals – what you are and are not allowed to do, and who to seekpermission from
  5. The Consultant ‘Team’ – which other professionals are you likely to need help fromat every stage of your design and build process
  6. Budget – what can you afford to spend; estimate allowances for consultants, permitfees and construction
  7. Timeframe – how long this is all going to take
  8. Architectural Fees – how much the architectural services will cost

By having this information you will be in control of the outcome and will have the tools to move through our stages of project development, knowing how everything fits together and what will happen next. It is important not to rush into the design phase without having all the information at your fingertips, because you will risk basing your project on assumptions that may or may not be true. This is the main reason why building projects go over budget and over time.

Delivering Outstanding Results in Bayside

While a clear architectural vision is a strong starting point for your new home or renovation project, it’s also essential to closely analyse it for its financial and construction feasibility. Factors ranging from council regulations to environmental conditions and availability of materials can influence the costs, accessibility and practicality of any given approach to your project.

For this reason, it’s worth having your Project Planning Review conducted by architects with strong local knowledge and experience in carrying out projects to completion.

JDA Lammin Architects is an award-winning architectural firm with 35+ years of experience, specialising in the Bayside area and South Eastern suburbs, including Brighton, Hampton, Caulfield and Bentleigh.

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