Commercial Architectural Services

Achieving Your Goals and Vision

Strong commercial architecture is about more than just good ideas.

It’s about mapping the path to an outcome that delivers real value for all stakeholders.

At JDA Lammin, we create planning-approved building designs that offer outstanding return on investment.

Our core expertise lies in listening closely to your commercial goals, wants and needs, and delivering inspired solutions within the unique parameters of your project.

Whatever the desired outcome, we’ll find the right path for moving your concept forward into reality with our comprehensive services.

FGB Warehouse

Delivering Quality Results

Over the past 35 years, we’ve established an impressive track record in commercial architecture, with reliable success in acquiring planning permits and approvals on behalf of developers.

In recent years, we’ve completed projects with a combined market value of well over $100,000,000, and received a number of state and national design accolades.

This has positioned us to be reliable and detail oriented commercial architectural design providers.

We design buildings for a range of commercial sectors and activities, including:

  • Offices
  • Industrial (eg. warehouses, business parks)
  • Education
  • Mixed use/hybrid developments

Our commercial clients have included builders, developers, landscapers and business property owners.

Whether you’re a developer setting up an industrial precinct, a business owner looking to renovate an existing space or an organisation seeking space tailored to your specific needs, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to bring your vision to life. 

To discuss your project and find out how we can help you realise it, contact our team today. Request a consultation, or call us on 0439991887.

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Find Our More About Our Process For Commercial Projects:

During the exploratory phase developers want to know:

  1. What can we build on our site and what is its potential yield?
  2. How will my project stand out from the others on offer and how will an architect build better value into my development?
  3. What are the constraints imposed by Council law and regulations? What are the other restrictions associated with this sites location?
  4. What are the opportunities afforded to us by Planning Schemes/zoning?
  5. Are there any issues Ive missed?

Our Yield Study investigates risks to maximise potential return …

We put our assets to work on your behalf and prepare a two-part Feasibility Analysis that fully investigates the potential return on investment for your specific site and location.

Part 1: Site-specific analysis of constraints and opportunities

Part 2: Concept development plans to visualise your preferred design.

The Feasibility Analysis draws on our strengths—local knowledge, current expertise—to provide you with:

  • Clear understanding of the local area and amenity
  • Commercial assessment of market factors and conditions
  • Full knowledge of local council regulations
  • Direct experience of achieving planning permits
  • Familiarity with risks that are likely to reward.

During the planning phase developers want to know …

  1. What are the specific town planning challenges for this project?
  2. Which consultants are right for this job?
  3. How far can I push the planning controls and still get a permit?
  4. What do I have to do to get the necessary approvals?
  5. I know my budget and time frame; can I get it across the line?

We focus on factors that will deliver a high-value return …

We know the optimal process and will advise what will and wont work on your project. We for-see problems and mitigate risks by resolving issues before they get out of hand.

  • Principal architect, Harriet Lammin, is a good judge of the optimal set of drawings required from brief to town planning to building regulations, and the technical documentation needed for construction.
  • We are accountable and make the commitment to drive your project and maintain momentum by sourcing and managing the right team of professionals and their input to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Our commercially thorough and precise approach delivers a smooth path through council, simplicity in the build process, and reduced risk of variations and cost blow outs on site. All of these factors contribute to achieving a high-quality, high-value return.

Stay in control and have peace of mind

If you want to stay in control without the hassle of contract administration, we can take responsibility for delivering the finished product as planned.

  • We know the plans, the people, the process, and the costs
  • We work on your behalf to negotiate cost-effective pricing
  • We inspect and monitor progress working with your builder to ensure quality, time and cost outcomes are consistently and successfully achieved.


  • Project feasibility, yield studies and site analysis
  • Concept drawings, 3-D models and renders
  • Town planning, building permits and other approvals
  • Detailed working drawings technical documentation for pricing and construction
  • External and internal materials and finishes
  • Contract administration

Our Commercial Projects:

FGB Office & Warehouse, Oakleigh South
“JDA Architects took the time to understand us and our values. They created a respectful process that sought our input but also presented us with new and innovative concepts. Some examples of this include our reception ‘woodland’ area – a wall panel of Australian timber and a crafted staircase – that allowed our history as a pharmaceutical company to be featured. The composition of the office area is spacious, light and encourages collaboration and communication.” Henry Minson, CEO – Felton, Grimwade & Bosisto’s Pty Ltd

Read the full case study here.

FGB Minimised
Wangara Minimised
Warehouse Development - 47 Wangara Rd Cheltenham
This warehouse development of 16 factory units was designed for the final vacant lot on an existing JDA master planned industrial site in the Melbourne suburb of Cheltenham. The small warehouses were designed for flexible use with the potential for mezzanine office or storage space to be added to the 6m high concrete units. Projecting vertical blades and differing colour schemes, provided opportunities for identification and individualised addresses to the units.

Click here to read the full case study.

Our Fees

Our pricing matches the way we work; it is realistic and responsible:-

  • Its a fraction of your budget
  • It gives you access to the full value of your property
  • It puts you in control of the build cost
  • It makes the process logical, and the outcome clear
  • It turns “I hope I get what I want” into pre-build certainty

The way we work with you

Nurturing your design

Together we discover what is possible.

Step by step

Clear, steady, rational steps—you can depend on us—we know the way.

Ethical Practice

Your interests, your project. We are your team.


Realistic pricing, open communication, responsible reporting.

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