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Life is continually changing, and your home should reflect where you are on your journey.

From extending and remodelling to completely reimagining indoor and outdoor spaces, JDA Lammin Architects can help you join the dots between what you have and where you’re going with our expert home renovation architects. 

Our house extension architects are specialists in creating fully customised design solutions, including adding additional levels, user-friendly outdoor spaces and more. As one of South East Melbourne’s leading architects for extension and remodelling projects, our home renovation architects take an accountable and practical approach that delivers fantastic results. 

Whether your goal is to adapt your home to suit your changing lifestyle, improve a newly purchased property or create more space for a growing family, our home renovation architects have the experience, expertise and vision to take your home from good to great.

Picture Of A Grey House After It Discovered Tips For Working With An Architect
Bentleigh Renovation Project

Local Expertise For Enhanced Results

While your individual wants and needs will always be the starting point for an effective renovation, other factors play a role in getting the most out of the process. 

Local environmental conditions, council specifications and even market trends can all influence the range of possibilities available for your renovation.

For this reason, when hiring an architect for home renovation projects, it’s worth prioritising a comprehensive understanding of how these factors operate in your local area. 

The team at JDA Lammin Architects are specialists in designing renovation solutions for homes across the Bayside suburbs, including Brighton, Cheltenham, Hampton and Elwood. We create homes that are seamlessly aligned with every aspect of our clients’ lifestyles. 

Popular renovation services in Bayside include:

  • Level extensions
  • Multi storey extensions
  • Patios and outdoor extensions

Contact us today to discuss your vision and find out how our home renovation architects can help make it a reality. Use our online form to request a consultation with a home re-modeling architect, or speak to us by calling 0439991887.

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Find Our More About Our Process For Residential Projects:

During the exploratory phase our residential clients ask …

  1. Is it possible to get what I want on this site?
  2. Will our new home reflect who we are and respond to our lifestyle?
  3. Will it adapt and change as our needs change into the future?
  4. What are the issues we dont know about, what could go wrong?

We nurture your hopes and needs …

It is always possible to get a perfect fit for your needs if you understand and resolve the issues that could derail your project. We nurture you through the complex challenges and constraints to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

  • We make it a priority to listen and understand all your needs, and design to suit you—your tastes, your aspirations, your budget.
  • We listen when you tell us This is my budget. We dont get carried away. Instead, we use our creativity to make sure you can afford a design that is just right for you.
  • We extract the best possible value we can from your council and your site. We know what will and wont work. We use our big picture view to look ahead, and prevent frustration. You can depend on us to get your project through.

During the planning phase our residential clients ask …

  1. What are the best options for my budget?
  2. What decisions do we need to make and when?
  3. What do we have to do to get planning and building approval?
  4. Do we have to consult other specialists, and if so, who?

We guide you through to future-proof your project …

The number of decisions that need to be made during the planning phase can be daunting. As your partner, advisor, mediator, and advocate, we reduce overwhelm by guiding you through logical options and logical steps. We make sure you have the right understanding at the right time to make informed decisions.

  • We invest time to understand every last element of your house, and then research and specify the best options for you and your budget
  • Together with our team of trustworthy professionals and suppliers, we streamline your project by problem-solving issues during planning
  • We draft our plans with precision to create certainty during construction.

Stay in control and have peace of mind

The construction process is never easy, but it doesnt have to be hard. If you want to stay in control and have peace of mind, we take responsibility for delivering the finished product as promised, as planned.

  • We know the plans, the people, the process, and the costs
  • We work on your behalf to procure builders, and negotiate cost-effective pricing
  • We monitor progress and work with your builder to ensure quality, time and cost outcomes are consistently achieved throughout the construction process.


  • Concept drawings, 3-D models and renders
  • Town planning, building permits and other approvals
  • Detailed technical drawings for pricing and construction
  • External and internal materials and finishes
  • Contract administration

What our clients say:

Silvia Regos
“We have been working with Harriet over the past many months on the detailed architectural plans for our house renovation. Harriet has been instrumental in helping us design our dream home. Our desire was to live in a small house and Harriet has filled the brief exceptionally well. She listened to our needs and then worked her magic through: excellent space planning to achieve maximum flow; detailed planning to make sure we made use of our spaces effectively and she also worked with us to choose quality interior design selections to suit our chosen aesthetic. She has also been working with our chosen builder during this consultation and has also facilitated all the necessary approvals. Her experience, knowledge, attention to detail; industry connections and excellent consulting skills has meant that this has been a seamless process for us. It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with Harriet. We can’t wait to see the design come to life in the coming months as we begin the renovation! We highly recommend Harriet and her team.”
Kitchen Reno with French Doors
Bentleigh Kitchen Renovation with French Doors
Gordon Grove Work Example
30 Gordon Grove
Home Extension - Malvern
JDA Architects designed a modern 2-storey addition to this Victorian workers cottage in Malvern, with the first floor metal clad extension just appearing above the roofline of the original Heritage house.

Our Fees

Our pricing matches the way we work; it is realistic and responsible:-

  • Its a fraction of your budget
  • It gives you access to the full value of your property
  • It puts you in control of the build cost
  • It makes the process logical, and the outcome clear
  • It turns “I hope I get what I want” into pre-build certainty

The way we work with you

Nurturing your design

Together we discover what is possible.

Step by step

Clear, steady, rational steps—you can depend on us—we know the way.

Ethical Practice

Your interests, your project. We are your team.


Realistic pricing, open communication, responsible reporting.

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