Industrial Architectural Services

At JDA Lammin we consider the appearance of a structure to be just as important as its function.

Thats why it is vital to hire experienced industrial architects for your next project.

The efficiency and flow of an industrial space is always a strong consideration, along with impressive design. We pride ourselves on our outstanding workmanship and strong customer service; always striving to help clients achieve their true vision.

Our industrial architects work with you to create an industrial architecture solution that not only meets your needs but is truly something special.

Industrial Architecture Work Example

Industrial Architecture Specialists

Members of the JDA Lammin team are experts when it comes to industrial building architecture, designing visually appealing warehouses and efficient factories all across South-East Melbourne.

Our team of award winning industrial architects have been in the business for 35 years, working with clients and local councils to get the designs, permits and approvals needed to complete each job right.

Our work in recent years has achieved a market value of over $50,000,000 from more than fifty completed projects. We have worked on hundreds of commercial, residential and industrial buildings over the years, taking great pride in each one.

As the masters of industrial building design, we’ve tackled many projects in the Bayside area, including suburbs such as Moorabbin, Cheltenham and Oakleigh. Working with you, we will craft an industrial design that we are proud of—and more importantly, you are too.

Making Your Vision a Reality

We believe that modern industrial architecture is best when functionality and innovative designs work together cohesively, resulting in construction worthy of recognition.

Our industrial architects work with you from the initial consultation to the project’s completion to make sure your ideal construction becomes a reality.

Not only do we get an understanding of your goals, we also help you understand our process so that you make the best decisions for your individual needs, rather than receiving an off-the-shelf solution.

Whether you’re looking to design new industrial buildings or renovate an existing one, our industrial architecture team is here to make your vision a reality.

To get started you can book a consultation, complete our simple contact form or call us on 0439991887.

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Contact our industrial architecture experts by using the form below if you have any questions. Additionally click here to request a consultation to have an in depth conversation with one of our industrial architects.

Find Our More About Our Process:

During the exploratory phase developers want to know:

  1. What can we build on our site and what is its potential yield?
  2. How will my project stand out from the others on offer and how will an architect build better value into my development?
  3. What are the constraints imposed by Council law and regulations? What are the other restrictions associated with this sites location?
  4. What are the opportunities afforded to us by Planning Schemes/zoning?
  5. Are there any issues Ive missed?

Our Yield Study investigates risks to maximise potential return …

We put our assets to work on your behalf and prepare a two-part Feasibility Analysis that fully investigates the potential return on investment for your specific site and location.

Part 1: Site-specific analysis of constraints and opportunities

Part 2: Concept development plans to visualise your preferred design.

The Feasibility Analysis draws on our strengths—local knowledge, current expertise—to provide you with:

  • Clear understanding of the local area and amenity
  • Commercial assessment of market factors and conditions
  • Full knowledge of local council regulations
  • Direct experience of achieving planning permits
  • Familiarity with risks that are likely to reward.

During the planning phase developers want to know …

  1. What are the specific town planning challenges for this project?
  2. Which consultants are right for this job?
  3. How far can I push the planning controls and still get a permit?
  4. What do I have to do to get the necessary approvals?
  5. I know my budget and time frame; can I get it across the line?

We focus on factors that will deliver a high-value return …

We know the optimal process and will advise what will and wont work on your project. We for-see problems and mitigate risks by resolving issues before they get out of hand.

  • Principal architect, Harriet Lammin, is a good judge of the optimal set of drawings required from brief to town planning to building regulations, and the technical documentation needed for construction.
  • We are accountable and make the commitment to drive your project and maintain momentum by sourcing and managing the right team of professionals and their input to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Our commercially thorough and precise approach delivers a smooth path through council, simplicity in the build process, and reduced risk of variations and cost blow outs on site. All of these factors contribute to achieving a high-quality, high-value return.

Stay in control and have peace of mind

If you want to stay in control without the hassle of contract administration, we can take responsibility for delivering the finished product as planned.

  • We know the plans, the people, the process, and the costs
  • We work on your behalf to negotiate cost-effective pricing
  • We inspect and monitor progress working with your builder to ensure quality, time and cost outcomes are consistently and successfully achieved.


  • Project feasibility, yield studies and site analysis
  • Concept drawings, 3-D models and renders
  • Town planning, building permits and other approvals
  • Detailed working drawings technical documentation for pricing and construction
  • External and internal materials and finishes
  • Contract administration

What our clients say:

Albert Toet - Lifetime Pine
“Harriet and her team had some great insights into the potential for our site and came up with an excellent design. Very helpful and prompt on responses to all our questions. Highly Recommend”
Cochranes Road Development
Image4 crop
Wangara Rd Warehouse View 2 MR LOOKS
Wangara Rd Warehouse Development
Matt Nichols - Nichols Crowder

Harriet at JDA Lammin is a great listener and thinker, and that is obvious when you see her response to the task at hand. It is always difficult to refer someone, but I have no hesitation with JDA Lammin. I have a pretty good idea of what I want, and JDA Lammin makes sense of it and creates a visual in a drawing sense and ultimately in a physical sense.

Virginia Park

Our Fees

Our pricing matches the way we work; it is realistic and responsible:-

  • Its a fraction of your budget
  • It gives you access to the full value of your property
  • It puts you in control of the build cost
  • It makes the process logical, and the outcome clear
  • It turns “I hope I get what I want” into pre-build certainty

The way we work with you

Nurturing your design

Together we discover what is possible.

Step by step

Clear, steady, rational steps—you can depend on us—we know the way.

Ethical Practice

Your interests, your project. We are your team.


Realistic pricing, open communication, responsible reporting.

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