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The intention of any custom design is to create bespoke and liveable spaces that encapsulate your values, personality and lifestyle. To create a home, whether it’s a new build or renovation, requires a significant investment of your resources.

The Feasibility Review is one of the most important stages in your building project and helps to set you up for success. The more time that you spend on the initial planning, the more likely you are to ensure your project runs smoothly from the outset and that you end up with a home that truly represents your unique lifestyle and values, and provides you with exactly what you need.

Project feasibility studies review the practical and financial aspects of your proposed ideas, helping you to fill the gaps in your knowledge, answer some of the questions you have been waiting to ask. At the end of this process, you will have a clear set of directions for setting out on the path to planning your new home and will ensure that you have considered the risks and understand the best options for your site and budget.

The feasibility review should leave you with a clear understanding of:

  • What you would like to have and what you are trying to achieve, to help you to prepare your ideal home ‘wish-list’;
  • What you really need and are there things you could do without?
  • Existing site constraints and opportunities of your property and a Site Analysis.
  • What you are and are not allowed to do and what permits and approvals might be needed.
  • Who else do you need to talk to – the consultant ‘team’.
  • The design and build process – breakdown of steps along the pathway with allocated costs.
  • Indicative Design – sketch plan options.
  • Budget – what can you afford to spend; allowance for consultants, fees and construction – finance and contingency.
  • Indicative timeframe.

Having this information before moving forward with the design and construction process is essential to ensuring your project’s success, and enables us to work with you in adjusting plans to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Delivering Outstanding Results in Bayside 

While a clear architectural vision is a strong starting point for your new home or renovation project, it’s also essential to closely analyse it for its financial and construction feasibility.

Factors ranging from council regulations to environmental conditions and availability of materials can influence the costs, accessibility and practicality of any given approach to your project.

For this reason, it’s worth having your planning feasibility study conducted by architects with strong local knowledge and experience in carrying out projects to completion.

JDA Lammin Architects is an award-winning architectural firm with 35+ years experience, specialising in the Bayside area and South Eastern suburbs, including Brighton, Hampton, Caulfield and Bentleigh. Offering a comprehensive project planning review to our clients, we specialise in turning our clients visions into homes that represent their unique lifestyle and aspirations and provide them with exactly what they need.

With a consistent track record of delivering outstanding client outcomes, including securing council approval, JDA Lammin has what it takes to develop your vision into the best possible reality. 

Projects that can benefit from a feasibility report for building construction include: 

  • New residential builds and renovations
  • Multi residential development
  • Dual Occupancy developments

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Find Our More About Our Process:

During the exploratory phase our residential clients ask …

  1. Is it possible to get what I want on this site?
  2. Will our new home reflect who we are and respond to our lifestyle?
  3. Will it adapt and change as our needs change into the future?
  4. What are the issues we dont know about, what could go wrong?

We nurture your hopes and needs …

It is always possible to get a perfect fit for your needs if you understand and resolve the issues that could derail your project. We nurture you through the complex challenges and constraints to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

  • We make it a priority to listen and understand all your needs, and design to suit you—your tastes, your aspirations, your budget.
  • We listen when you tell us This is my budget. We dont get carried away. Instead, we use our creativity to make sure you can afford a design that is just right for you.
  • We extract the best possible value we can from your council and your site. We know what will and wont work. We use our big picture view to look ahead, and prevent frustration. You can depend on us to get your project through.

During the planning phase our residential clients ask …

  1. What are the best options for my budget?
  2. What decisions do we need to make and when?
  3. What do we have to do to get planning and building approval?
  4. Do we have to consult other specialists, and if so, who?

We guide you through to future-proof your project …

The number of decisions that need to be made during the planning phase can be daunting. As your partner, advisor, mediator, and advocate, we reduce overwhelm by guiding you through logical options and logical steps. We make sure you have the right understanding at the right time to make informed decisions.

  • We invest time to understand every last element of your house, and then research and specify the best options for you and your budget
  • Together with our team of trustworthy professionals and suppliers, we streamline your project by problem-solving issues during planning
  • We draft our plans with precision to create certainty during construction.

Stay in control and have peace of mind

The construction process is never easy, but it doesnt have to be hard. If you want to stay in control and have peace of mind, we take responsibility for delivering the finished product as promised, as planned.

  • We know the plans, the people, the process, and the costs
  • We work on your behalf to procure builders, and negotiate cost-effective pricing
  • We monitor progress and work with your builder to ensure quality, time and cost outcomes are consistently achieved throughout the construction process.


  • Concept drawings, 3-D models and renders
  • Town planning, building permits and other approvals
  • Detailed technical drawings for pricing and construction
  • External and internal materials and finishes
  • Contract administration

What our clients say:

Our Fees

Our pricing matches the way we work; it is realistic and responsible:-

  • Its a fraction of your budget
  • It gives you access to the full value of your property
  • It puts you in control of the build cost
  • It makes the process logical, and the outcome clear
  • It turns “I hope I get what I want” into pre-build certainty

The way we work with you

Nurturing your design

Together we discover what is possible.

Step by step

Clear, steady, rational steps—you can depend on us—we know the way.

Ethical Practice

Your interests, your project. We are your team.


Realistic pricing, open communication, responsible reporting.

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