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Harriet Lammin

Building or renovating a home is likely to be one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, and it requires the knowledge of many skilled professionals to perfect.

Builds and renovations that harness the expertise of an architect are often more efficient, thought-out and produce higher quality results than builds that skip over the architectural process.

Hiring an architect for your building project helps you understand what you are trying to achieve with your project design, and helps to ensure the development process runs as smoothly as possible.

Developing a strong working relationship with an architect helps you achieve better functionality and style within your home. Here are our tips for working with an architect:

Tips For Hiring An Architect

Hiring an architect is one of the first steps in the construction process. It is often beneficial to have an architect evaluate a home before you purchase it, to ensure that you are able to achieve the design vision that you have in mind. Hiring an architect before you begin your build helps you to stay in control and thoroughly plan the entire process. 

When hiring an architect, it is important to:

  • Consider your budget – Home improvement projects include many different areas that require financial input. By considering your budget before you hire an architect, you will have a good understanding of how involved you want your architect to be and the level of output you expect from your architect. 
  • Ask for recommendations – When undertaking the contractor selection for your home build, asking for recommendations from your network can be extremely helpful. People who are in the middle of the building process or who have just come out the other side of it will be able to recommend the professionals they used for their build or steer you away from those who didn’t meet expectations. 

The Hiring Process

The hiring process is what lays the foundation of your home build. When interviewing architects and designers, ask the following questions: 

  • What is your proven track record for delivering projects on time and on budget? 
  • In your experience, are my expectations achievable for what I want to spend?
  • What is your style and how does it fit with mine?
  • What will happen if I change my mind during the design phase or design draw?

By interviewing an architect before you proceed with your working relationship, you make sure that you will work well together and that the architect is aligned with your goals and objectives. 

When opening up discussions with an architect, it is important to ask for client references and proven results that highlight their credibility within the industry. Hiring a professional and experienced architect adds significant value to your home, however, it is important to ensure that they can stick to a budget and are able to work with you in case changes arise. 

During The Project Design

Once you have hired an architect and have progressed to the project design stage of your build, there are a number of things to consider to get the most out of your partnership. 

First and foremost, it is beneficial to identify what you consider to be necessities in your home. These necessities, which could range from open-plan living spaces to a pool in the backyard, should be clearly set out in a brief, so that your architect can achieve results within budget.

During the design phase, it is valuable to remember that your architect is an expert in their field, having completed years of tertiary education and work experience. It is in your best interest to listen to your architect and take their advice on board when making decisions.

Honest and open communication with your architect during the project design process will help to keep things on track. It will also ensure that you and your architect can collaborate and openly discuss your tastes, helping you create a home that you’re proud of. Further, getting honest cost estimates throughout the planning process and before construction begins helps to ensure that there are no surprises along the way.

After The Project

If your architect is providing contract administration services then during the final stages of construction, they will provide you with a ‘Notice of Practical Completion’ that signifies the building work is substantially complete and and will be handed over to you.

The notice will also define the ‘Defects Liability Period’ in which money is retained by you to cover any defects that may become apparent post-build. Your architect can help you to to discover any faults that must be fixed by your builder or contractor and ensure that they are completed to the expected standards. 

Build Your Dream Home

With years of professional experience, a good Architect will help to minimise your stress by keeping your project running smoothly. Architects design bespoke homes that are functional and stylish whilst keeping everything on time and on budget. 

At JDA Lammin, our expert team are at the forefront of architectural design and have the knowledge and resources to help deliver amazing results.

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