How Much Does An Architect Cost?




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Designing the bespoke home of your dreams requires an architect that is professional and experienced.

The cost of an architect depends on many factors, including their years of education and experience, the cost of your building or renovation, and the individual challenges your build faces. 

A home with a great design that is the perfect blend of style and functionality, can only be achieved by investing additional time, skills and architectural expertise into your build. Including an architect in the process of your home build or renovation has a number of ongoing benefits that are worth their weight in gold.

Costs of not hiring an architect

Oftentimes, homeowners look for ways to cut costs rather than hiring an architect. Whilst this may seem like a good idea at the time, bypassing the services of an architect can cause you additional expenses and stress in the future.

Architects, who are experts in design, project management and development applications, know about the potential problems you face with a home build or renovation before they become an issue. Without this expertise, it is likely that you will end up spending extra money fixing on-site issues or paying for variations that could have been avoided by consulting with an architect.

Additionally, in order to save costs, it’s possible that you will end up with inferior products and finishes within your home that don’t meet your standards. With these fixtures and fittings failing to meet your expectations, it is likely that they will have to be replaced to avoid frustration in the years to come.

A builder who is able to work alongside a design professional produces better results that help to create the unique home that you deserve. Architects identify the complexities, pitfalls and opportunities available to clients and design homes that navigate every possible requirement.

Architect costs

It is a common misconception that architects charge fees based on a percentage of the building costs, which then provides architects with an incentive to design more expensive homes. This is not the case, with the cost of an architect’s services reflecting the amount of time needed to design and draw up a bespoke home and the level of training and experience that they have.

JDA Lammin charge professional service rates that demonstrate our years of experience in crafting homes that are perfect for the location, needs and budget of our clients. 

The time of our architects is not charged by the hour, instead, our team works off a fixed fee structure that can be customised for your individual project and budget needs. 

JDA Fee Structure

At JDA Lammin, we offer fixed fees at each stage of our architectural service. Our clients have three package options to choose from that outline a clearly defined pricing structure that is honest, open and clear from the beginning. Each package includes information about what you were paying for and how much it will cost before our team begins work. 

Cost estimates

Our fees are for services that go beyond designing and documenting buildings, ensuring that we are with you every step of the way. Our three service packages are designed to help ensure that you everything stays on track and within your budget. 

How do our architect fees compare with other fees?

At JDA Lammin, our architects charge no more than the cost of the carpenter or window fabricator, meaning you get exceptional value for money for the work done at a reasonable price. 

When calculating your build cost, it is worth investing a small portion of your budget in the work of an experienced and professional architect, alongside the costs of builders. Your investment in us comes back in added value to your home. The value added by an architect will benefit you and your family for the years to come, ensuring that your home is of the highest quality. 

Help design your dream home

At JDA Lammin we are here to help you discover what is possible for your building or renovation project.

You can depend on us to be clear about our fees as we work with you to customise a package that satisfies for your budget. 

As leaders in architectural design in Bayside, your dream home is in good hands with JDA Lammin architects. To begin your dream build or renovation, get in contact today via our online contact form or give us a call on 0439991887.

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