Initial Stages In The Design Process




Harriet Lammin

1. Pre-Design Phase – Project Feasibility Review

The Project Feasibility Review is one of the most important stages in your building project
but one that is often overlooked. The more time that you spend on the initial planning, the
more likely you are to end up with a home that truly represents your unique lifestyle and
values, and provides you with exactly what you need.

If you aren’t sure where to start, JDA Lammin architects can carry out a feasibility review to
fill the gaps in your knowledge, answer some of the questions you have been waiting to ask
and present you with a clear set of directions for setting out on the path to planning your new

The feasibility review should leave you with a clear understanding of:
● What you would like to have and what you are trying to achieve, to help you to
prepare your ideal home ‘wish-list’;
● What do you really need and are there things you could do without?
● Existing site constraints and opportunities of your property and a Site Analysis.
● What you are allowed to do and what permits and approvals might be needed.
● Who else do you need to talk to – the consultant ‘team’.
● The architecture, design and build process – breakdown of steps along the pathway
with allocated costs.
● Indicative Design – sketch plan options.
● Budget – what can you afford to spend; allowance for consultants, fees and
construction – finance and contingency.
● Indicative timeframe.

Know your Budget

Cost control is a critical part of your building project. It is important to have a clear idea of
your budget from the outset, and although this may change as your project progresses, it is
a good idea to keep checking your costs regularly during the design and document process
to ensure you are on track.

Your budget needs to be realistic and communicated with your architect and the building
design team, preferably in writing.

● Research your budget and understand your numbers
● Know what can you afford to spend and how you will monitor that
● What will it cost you to build but also what to allow for consultants fees and authority
● Always allow for contingencies and unforeseen events
● Get an accurate estimate from a professional such as a Quantity Surveyor to be
really sure
● Ensure you communicate your budget to your architect and project team.

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