Next Stages In The Design Process




Harriet Lammin

2. Concept Design

Once you have decided what you are trying to achieve with your home design, including what your ‘non-negotiables’ are and how much you are prepared to spend, it’s time for your architect to translate your initial ideas into a ‘Concept Architecture Design’.

The concept design visually depicts the physical attributes of your home, based on your needs and wants. It is not the ‘finished’ building design, but it is a starting point from which your new home design can evolve and develop.  

At the concept design phase, our experienced team analyses some broad brushed ideas and architectural concepts. Through this analysis, we explore additional opportunities the layout of your home may have, and get a feel of the cohesiveness of the spaces encompassed in your build.

The concept architecture design informs the architectural development of your home. 

During the concept architecture design, we consider the following elements:

Other Buildings

The proximity of nearby buildings, including the private garden space on the adjoining properties are important factors to consider during the concept architecture design phase. This consideration includes the slope of the land and it’s orientation.


The way in which light enters your home, including the location of windows and how light reflects off surfaces is important to consider.

We also examine how sunlight adds warmth and depth within your home, how it changes throughout the day to create different moods and ambience.

It is critical to understand the play of light when planning out a new home and positioning windows, as a house that receives an abundance of natural light is immediately more uplifting and inviting. 

Building Orientation

The optimum orientation of a building can significantly contribute to the energy efficiency of a home. If considered early on in the concept architecture design, this can result in large savings to the homeowner and help to achieve the owner’s carbon neutral goals.


The best floor plans utilise every corner of your home.

They don’t have to incorporate a large number of separate rooms, but there shouldn’t be any areas of ‘unusable’ or ‘wasted’ space’. At JDA Lammin, everything is designed for a purpose, ensuring that each space can be used in multiple ways. 


When developing the architectural concepts for your home, the parameters around building and design are always kept in mind.

Our knowledge of building codes and local planning controls, allows us a deeper understanding of what risks can be taken and which ones are not likely to pay off.  


3. Design Development

The design development stage follows on from concept architectural design and is the stage in which your plans start to evolve and you can start to see our ideas take shape. This stage allows us to develop and improve on the initial architectural concepts and produce scaled floor plans, elevations and sections. This stage also involves testing the feasibility and liveability of the design. 

At JDA Lammin, we produce our concept architecture designs in 3D. Using 3D technology, we are able to give you a feel of internal spaces and an understanding of the forms and mass of the building.

During the design development stage, our team investigates potential materials and finishes for your home design. Our team also starts to conceptualise how this will be built, including what the best method of construction might be to suit your particular circumstances and budget.

At this point, the design may start to change quite dramatically from the early concepts. This is because some of the practical considerations come into play and we seriously delve into the use of individual spaces. 

Building design and architecture development is a collaborative effort between many people and involves complex consultation between any number of separate entities. These can include Councils and other statutory bodies, as well as other building professionals in your design team. For example, you might need to engage the services of a structural and civil engineer or a building surveyor, sustainability consultant or anyone in between. 

At JDA Lammin we have the skills and knowledge to successfully coordinate and collaborate with separate entities.

We guarantee to share the important information about your home with the team, and integrate the input of others to create a space that you can truly be proud of.

We will become the point of contact between you and the separate consultants and ensure that their input into the design ties in with the architectural design. 

To begin the design process and take steps towards living in your dream home, give us a call on 0439991887. or request a consultation.