The Documentation Stage (Or Working Drawings)




Harriet Lammin

You have an amazing new house design in mind, with a set of plans and drawings that show exactly how it is going to look. You feel excited and ready to start the build. You might wonder whether you still need your architect – isn’t the house design finished?

If you are striving to achieve a home that will add lasting value to your lifestyle and finances, the initial design stage is only part of the journey. There is more work to be done before you can begin to engage with a builder. To get the results you desire from your new home’s architecture, house plan documentation needs to be carried out by qualified architects with a view to the complexities of the building process. 

There are numerous factors to consider in terms of how your home will function. You’ll probably want it to be warm in winter and cool in summer, to provide shelter from the elements, and to feel secure and safe. Energy efficiency and reducing your ecological impact may be a priority. Or perhaps it’s important for your home to be low maintenance, allowing you to focus on enjoying your life and minimise time and money spent on maintenance and repairs. 

Whatever your preferences, you will most definitely want your home to be of the highest quality possible within your budget so that it retains its value and lasts for many years.

But without the knowledge or understanding of building codes or construction methods, the skills to prepare technical drawings and documents or the ability to visualise the end result, you may well end up feeling confused, overwhelmed or uncertain about how to achieve the outcome you want. 

This is where JDA Lammin Architects can help. Our process of preparing construction documents (sometimes known as architecture working drawings or building permit drawings) will leave you confident and reassured that the finished building will incorporate the most current construction techniques and the best quality materials that your budget allows.

There are many people that can offer to draw up a home plan for a good price. But when it comes to your home’s architecture, sketches and plans need to be done by an experienced building design professional who understands how to prepare thorough contract documentation. Inadequate documents may seem to save you money at the outset, but are more likely to lead to mistakes on site and poor quality building methods costing you more in the long run. 

Our designers are fully qualified architects who meet the strict registration criteria required of our profession. We’ve completed these complex processes many times before, consistently delivering the results sought by our clients, so you can rest assured that your project is in the safest of hands. Our regular communication and updates on progress will leave you with a clear understanding of the outcome and no surprises on site.

A building designed by JDA Lammin will comply with the most current codes and regulations and meet the highest standard of practice in residential construction. We will make sure that the information has the clarity and detail needed to prevent builders from cutting corners or producing inferior workmanship. This ensures that you maintain control over the finished product and get the results you want. 

The more time spent on preparing drawings and resolving design details at this stage of the process, the more likely it is that problems can be anticipated and important decisions made before construction commences. This helps you to avoid the costly exercise of re-doing things on site, which can delay the progress of your project and increase your final bill.

Client testimonial:

 “Harriet and the team at JDA Lammin are excellent. We have worked with them on two occasions to design plans for homes in Brighton. Harriet and the team immediately seemed to understand and allay any concerns we had, and went out of their way to advise and explain the building process to us. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise of the local area reassured us that our project was in good hands, and they connected us with other professionals in their network to streamline the process from the outset so that it was completely stress free for us. We would highly recommend JDA Lammin if you are looking to build or renovate in Bayside and want great architects that provide in-depth knowledge, guidance, support and fantastic customer service.”

Are you looking to discuss a building project that you have in mind, or just want some advice about where to start in planning a new home? Contact Harriet Lammin to book a Discovery Session to find out if we are the right fit for you, and take the first steps towards building your dream home.